19 Dec December 19, 2009

Chiropractic & Ear Aches

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Sadie Rausenberger D.C.

Otitis Media, or middle ear infection, is one of the most common illnesses seen in children.  The incidence of otitis media is greatest in the age group 6-36 months, with about 33% of all children having three or more acute episodes before their third birthday.  Up to 1/3 of the childhood population will have six or more episodes before entering school and some otitis media prone children may have from six to twelve episodes in one year (1).

A major cause of ear infections are misalignments in the spine (also called subluxations) which can occur during childbirth, tumbles or falls, and/or postural imbalances.

If misalignments are left untreated, this can cause the spinal nerves in the region to be irritated and contribute to blockages in drainage of the eustachian tube. Chiropractic care can get to the root of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms.  The chiropractic adjustment stimulates the nervous system by aligning the vertebrae, taking pressure off the spinal nerves and allowing the eustachian tube within the ear to drain the infected fluid properly.

(1)   Kline, M.W., Otitis Media.  In Oski, et al, eds.  Principles and Practice of Pediatrics, Philadelphia:  Lippincott,  1990:900.

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