28 Dec December 28, 2011

Food Guidelines and Optimal Eating

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Excerpt from Biotics Northwest Research, Inc. Newsletter Wanted to share this with everyone.



What is Green-Gene Nutrition?

It is an evidence-based approach to food, nutrition, diet, and eating, based on foods that contain the optimal and natural balance of nutrients that can restore our genes’ youthful responsiveness and flexibility, and in turn, lead to health and healing.
Ten Green-Gene Food Guidelines


1. Eat fresh whole food in its natural state as often as possible.

2. Eat a wide variety of foods.

3. Select organic, grass-fed, free-range, local and sustainable foods whenever possible.

4. Consume quality food with the proportion of protein, carbohydrates, and fats our genes adapted to over the millennia.

5.  Choose only minimally processed oils and fats that have retained their naturally occurring proportion of nutrients.

6. Choose plant and animal foods that have been grown or raised on sustainable and nutrient-rich soil.

7. Choose wild-caught fish from the least-polluted waters.

8. Select, store, and prepare food in ways that preserve its nutrients.

9. Drink clean water.

10. Give regard to every aspect of the meal.


Each time you eat or participate in any food-related activity, remember that all ten guidelines count and that optimal nourishment includes both the familiar nutrients in food, as well as the organic, grass-fed, free-range, and “enlightened eating” nutrients missing from the food charts.  We created the elements of the Green-Gene Guidelines to make it easy for you to practice them daily.

Be patient with yourself:  making such sweeping changes in what you eat is a process.  In other words, changing your relationship to food isn’t likely to happen overnight: success takes ongoing nurturing, care, and regard…for yourself.

This was an excerpt from Biotics Northwest Research, Inc. Newsletter.