Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy Spokane, WAAt Spinal & Sports Care, Kathi Shirley, B.A., N.T.P. specializes in using diet and supplementation to optimize the body’s health. She offers extensive educational lifestyle counseling to make effective, long-lasting changes.

Kathi’s qualifications are:

• Nutritional Therapist Practicioner, June 2004
• Special Training: Nutritional Therapy extended study through Nutritional Therapy Association
• Special Interests: Women’s Health; Cardiovascular Health and Children’s Health

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy focuses on the basics of nutrition to help improve your nutritional status.  Many health problems result from weakness in the body’s physiological foundations due to poor nutrition.  A key to enhancing your health through nutrition is recognizing the uniqueness of each individual’s body chemistry.

At Spinal & Sports Care, our goal is to help you work with your body to function at optimal levels.  This starts with improving your body’s digestion.  If you cannot digest the food you eat, you cannot absorb the essential vitamins and nutrients you need to be healthy.  It is not “you are what you eat,” but “you are what you absorb.”

Nutritional therapy can utilize many tools, most notably diet and supplementation, to help you feel better and enhance your energy.  Sometimes a simple dietary change or supplement can make a world of difference!

What Do You Get?

· Personalized, in-depth nutritional interview
· Body Fat Analysis
· Personal follow-ups
· Individualized functional testing & supplement efficacy testing using Nutritional Response Testing
· Assessment using the latest software tools available
· Heart Rate Variability Analysis
· Nutritional recommendations
· Better overall health

What Conditions Can Nutritional Therapy Help?

·  General Fatigue/Energy Swings
·  Gastric Reflux/Heartburn
·  Bloating, Constipation,Gas,Diarrhea
·  Weight Loss
·  Hormonal Imbalances
·   Immune/Allergy Symptoms

Will I Have to Buy Supplements?

No, you do not have to buy any supplements. Kathi encourages clients to bring their supplements to the initial evaluation so that she can functionally evaluate their efficacy for the individual’s body.  However, we do carry some of the highest quality supplements available for your convenience.  Supplementation can be an important tool, especially at the beginning of a recommended program.

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