Pediatric Testimonials

A.D. (mom) for K.D. (age 5)

When K first came in at 2 years old she was in extreme pain. She had simply landed wrong off the slide and hurt her tailbone. Riding in her carseat was unbearable and she cried constantly. After her visits here she became a different child. Happy, talkative and finally comfortable! Now, if her personality changes or she gets uncomfortable, one visit and she’s back to her normal self again. The turnaround has been incredible and we couldn’t be more thankful.”


My infant had been congested for months with a constant runny nose that would not go away. I tried everything and nothing cleared him up. A friend had suggested that maybe his lymphatic system wasn’t draining and she had been bringing her kids in since birth to Dr. Shirley. After the first appointment I noticed a huge difference and after three treatments his nose doesn’t run anymore! And what matters most is my son likes being adjusted and giggles through his appointment. Dr. Shirley is very gentle and I would recommend him to any person or child who is looking for relief from any symptom.”