29 Jun June 29, 2012

Pregnancy & Chiro: FAQ Answered

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By Sadie Altringer D.C


Over the last several years, I have had the pleasure to work with many pregnant women and help them with conditions related to pregnancy.  With this experience, there are three common questions I get asked regarding pregnancy and chiropractic care.  The first and foremost question is…..”Is it safe?”  Yes, yes, yes!  I use very low force, gentle maneuvers that are both safe for mom and safe for baby.  A lot of times when adjusting pregnant patients, I will use Pelvic Blocks, which are wedge type blocks placed under the patient while they lay on their backs.  I have adjusted patients up to the day before their expected due date and beyond!  I had one patient who came in for an adjustment when she was two days past her due date and still pregnant!

The second most common question I get is…..”Can I exercise during pregnancy?”. The answer to this is also yes.  I have a specialized Maternal Fitness program that I review that is both safe and effective throughout the whole pregnancy.  It is important to incorporate a fitness program into your daily schedule to help avoid excessive weight gain, and reduce labor and delivery time.  It has been proven that exercise during pregnancy can help make the baby’s heart stronger.  I also have a post partum pregnancy program that helps restore pelvic floor function and core stability.

The third most common question is, “Why do I always feel like my adjustments don’t hold very long?”.  There is a hormone produced by your placenta called Relaxin secreted during pregnancy.  Relaxin is responsible for allowing the uterus and pelvis to relax and expand to allow for the birthing process.  It is because of this hormone relaxing your joints that the adjustments may not hold as long.  Exercises and maternity belts are a good way to help support the pelvis and lower back during pregnancy.  This will help keep your pelvis in alignment so your adjustments will “hold” for a longer period of time.  If you have any questions about treatment or conditions related to pregnancy, please contact Dr. Sadie at (509) 922-0303.

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