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We have developed an innovative treatment program designed to find the cause of your headaches and fix the underlying problem.

Living with headaches is tough.

Day after day of being miserable, irritable, and feeling a lot older than you really are. The frustration of knowing that your friends and family don’t understand what you’re going through.

Add this to doctors’ visits, MRI’s and CT scans — which only come back with “normal” results.

And that’s not all… trying one medication after another, feeling like you’re on a merry-go-round of drugs.

All this is enough to make anyone want to scream!

Every week we hear how people suffer from severe headaches – statements like…

  • “I feel like my head is in a vice.”
  • “My eyes hurt and I feel so drowsy.”
  • “I have to lay down.”
  • “I’ve had migraines since childhood.”
  • “Tension in the neck and pain into the shoulders.”

They tell us they’re sick and tired of jumping from one headache medication to the next. Here’s what we hear…

“I am tired of being looked upon as someone who is only out there to get medicine. I only want RELIEF. I don’t know why that is so hard for people to understand. I don’t want to be treated badly anymore. I want to get help, and I want to get rid of the headaches.”

What Makes Our Program Successful

Not all headaches are alike as there are many different causes. While there are general categories of headache types, it has been our experience that most patients have a combination of two or more types of headaches. Our goal is to determine which type or types of headache you suffer from so we can develop an individualized treatment plan for you.

Example of headache types include:

  • Muscle tension headaches
  • Cervicogenic headaches (headaches that start in the neck)
  • Classic migraine headaches
  • Common migraine headaches
  • TMJ headaches
  • Hormonal ( monthly) headaches
  • Food or environmental allergy headaches
  • Hypertension headaches

Keys To Your Diagnosis

There are many factors to consider in determining which classification of headache you have. These include:

  • A thorough history looking for when you get headaches and what triggers them.
  • A complete musculoskeletal exam to look for muscles or joints causing your headaches, including postural analysis.
  • An evaluation of your jaw (TMJ) as this is a hidden source of headaches.
  • A dietary evaluation (when appropriate) to look for food allergies.
  • A nutritional evaluation (when appropriate) to determine your digestive and hormonal health.
  • Ergonomic evaluation to rule out work related factors.

Could This Drugless Treatment Be Your Headache Solution Too?

Numerous studies have shown the benefits of spinal adjustments with headache patients.

The Boline Study

This study compared two groups of headache patients, half went for chiropractic adjustments, the other half took amitriptyline, a medication often prescribed for the treatment of severe tension headache pain. After six weeks researchers found that chiropractic patients experienced almost no side effects. And only the chiropractic patients continued to report fewer headaches when treatment ended.

The Duke Study

Medical experts concluded that spinal manipulations resulted in almost immediate improvement for headaches. Patients also had significantly fewer side effects and longer-lasting relief of headaches than a commonly prescribed medication.

Why See Us?

We have worked for twenty years at the Spinal and Sports Care Clinic in Spokane, WA, to develop our treatment program for headaches. By integrating techniques from the fields of Chiropractic, Nutritional Therapy and Massage we often get rapid and long lasting pain relief. We also work closely with family practice medical physicians to produce superior results.

Recurring Headaches Are Not Normal
No question….if you are having headaches then something is wrong. Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. Finding it and fixing it has got to be top priority. Call today!



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