Neck Pain

Neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain and arm numbness has become one of the most common conditions we treat. Posture, stress, and of course trauma all can cause neck pain and stiffness. With the widespread use of computers, tablets, and cell phones, neck pain is rampant.

The most common finding is lack of ability to fully turn your head without pain. This is typically caused by restricted motion in the joints combined with tightening and spasm of the muscles in the neck and shoulders. This can lead to headaches or pinched nerves to your arms and hands.

A combination of muscle and joint therapies work best to help you feel better. Many patients prefer lower force techniques that avoid “cracking” your neck. We are experts in these gentle techniques and they are as effective as manual adjusting. Massage, laser, and cervical traction also help relieve pain and restore muscles. Our goal is to provide comfortable, pain-free treatment.

Exercise therapy, postural education, and ergonomic advice are crucial tools for achieving long lasting results. Stretching exercises relieve pain while strengthening exercises reduce achiness and fatigue at the end of your day. Stress reduction exercises are also often of great benefit in helping relieve your symptoms. Our goal is to give you the best tools for living a pain-free life.

If neck pain is keeping you from enjoying your life, give us a call today.

Neck Pain
Neck Pain

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Whether you injured your back, suffer from headaches or have chronic pain, we are here to help you. Our mission is to speed your recovery and enhance your health with a progressive approach tailored to your individual needs.



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