My infant had been congested for months with a constant runny nose that would not go away.

I tried everything and nothing cleared him up. A friend had suggested that maybe his lymphatic system wasn’t draining and she had been bringing her kids in since birth to Dr. Shirley. After the first appointment I noticed a huge difference and after three treatments his nose doesn’t run anymore! And what matters most is my son likes being adjusted and giggles through his appointment. Dr. Shirley is very gentle and I would recommend him to any person or child who is looking for relief from any symptom.


Hello. I’m a 56 year old woman who has lived with TMJ problems as long as I can remember.

About the age of 18, my jaw got so bad I could barely open my mouth. It was like tasting a sour item and puckering up with no relief. A new dentist came to town, who specialized in treating TMJ. He also told me I had DMP (Dysfunctional Maxillofacial Pain/Paralysis). The treatment consisted of cold, ice packs and some external massage of my facial “cheeks”. Nothing really helped. Most of my dental appointments were scheduled for short breaks to “relax my jaw”. No one seemed to understand telling me to relax just does not make it happen. My dentist did order a mouth guard to wear at night to help. It did seem to help more than anything else, but I managed to bite two of them in half. I was working with my third one. About three years ago I was sent to an Oral Surgeon. My dentist thought that I might need surgery to correct my TMJ. Basically, I was told that my TMJ was bad and I needed to take a sleeping pill consistently for two weeks and learn meditation exercises. If it got bad again, I was to take a sleeping pill for three nights only and everything should be ok. Due to my bite/TMJ I have had loose teeth for a longtime. The practice has been to “re-cement” my loose teeth whenever I have my teeth cleaned. In December 2009, I was amazed to find that my bridge had failed. This required basically to have my upper teeth pulled. Two days later the Oral Surgeon pulled half my teeth, mostly the molars. My dentist admitted that mine was the worse case of TMJ he’d seen in his 25 years of Dentistry. They gave me more sleeping pills to help my TMJ relax. I guess you could say it kind of worked. The pills knocked me out until I tried to turn on a side and then again the pain in my jaw woke me up. Didn’t get much continual sleep.Two months later, I had the rest of my upper teeth removed and two bone spurs taken out from the first surgery. The lack of sleep and pain just got worse. Now, I was barely able to open my mouth one to two finger widths. Eating, sleeping, everything was compromised. When I went back to my oral surgeon, he referred me to Dr. Shirley. I was really leery about a chiropractor being able to help, but by now I was more than willing to try anything. Boy what a miracle! He said I was like someone that went through the front windshield in a car accident. At that initial consult Dr. Shirley actually did treat me. My headaches were gone till I got about half way home. That was the first time I’d realized how bad it was. I‘ve had cold laser, massage, manipulations, etc. I‘ll admit not all of them are fun, but the end results have been great. Dr. Shirley is also making sure all the “other” contributing areas are in alignment, so “this won’t be a short term treatment”. After each appointment I’ve improved. He’s also shared exercises I can do at home to help with my recovery. It’s been an amazing process. To be able to open my mouth, eat more solid food, and to sleep without waking from jaw pain is just unbelievable. Best of all is having no headaches! Take my word-TRY IT, YOU’LL LIKE IT. I finally feel like I’ll be able to work at keeping my TMJ controlled in the future for the first time in my life. Best Wishes!! - R.V.

- R.V.

After 8 treatments I am pain Free!

I came in with TMJ, jaw pain. I couldn’t chew gum, eat anything like steak etc., due to jaw pain and my jaw popping, I had a hard time pronouncing my words clearly, and I was always biting the inside of my cheeks. I was referred here by my dentist, we had tried a mouth guard at night for over a year to help from clinching and grinding my teeth. The treatment I received here was chiropractic work on my neck and spine. The activator was used along with stretching the muscles in my neck and jaw. After eight treatments I am pain free, can eat steak again, can pronounce my words properly, my teeth are aligned up, and I no longer need my mouth guard. The treatment here was excellent and much better than the alternative surgery.

C.W.  Spokane, WA 

"It has improved my quality of life immensely. I am able to go about my day now pain free!”

When I first came in I had problems with my jaw (TMJ), stress and tension due to having my wisdom teeth removed and a stressful job. I had tried pain medication and liquid diets for my jaw and stress, which is what my oral surgeon wanted me to do for a few weeks, but did not work. While at Spinal & Sports care I received laser treatments on my jaw, chiropractic work on my jaw/body, and massage therapy on my upper body, neck, face, and oral massage. It has improved my quality of life immensely. My jaw feels less tense and does not lock. I feel less tension in my jaw and throughout my body. I also feel less stress, have no more headaches, and sleep much better! I am able to go about my day now pain free!!

J.B., patient

Instantly I felt a difference with my first alignment.

I felt the tension disappear. After only five visits my headaches completely disappeared and I no longer have pain in my neck. I support it 100%. I would come to get aligned even if I had no pain -- it brings a feeling of instant relief when I'm tense.

Rebecca R.

When K first came in at 2 years old she was in extreme pain.

She had simply landed wrong off the slide and hurt her tailbone. Riding in her carseat was unbearable and she cried constantly. After her visits here she became a different child. Happy, talkative and finally comfortable! Now, if her personality changes or she gets uncomfortable, one visit and she’s back to her normal self again. The turnaround has been incredible and we couldn’t be more thankful.

A.D. (mom) for K.D. (age 5)

My personal miracle has been able to eat solid food again!

When I first came in to SSCC I was experiencing upper and lower back pain, numbness and pins and needles down my right side and severe TMJ pain. I had previously seen numerous doctors, specialists, dentist, and two chiropractors with no lasting relief and no treatment prospects for the TMJ issues. I had given in to the idea that I would never be able to eat, laugh or even smile and talk normally for the rest of my life until I began treatment with Dr. Shirley. I have received upper and lower hip adjustments that have greatly diminished the pain and increased mobility. My personal miracle has been being able to eat solid food again and hold a conversation without being in overwhelming pain and discomfort. With Dr. Shirley’s combination of adjustments and jaw massage, I can now close my mouth naturally and my teeth are no longer shoved together. Chiropractic treatment has greatly improved my quality of life by allowing me to be mobile again and start rebuilding my body through exercise and the ability to nutritionally support myself now that I can eat solid food. For the first time in the past year I am now able to get out of bed every day and not be confined to my home. I immensely appreciate not just the speed and quality of care, but the honesty and respect I have received. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I hope that many others with the same problems will find the help and answers that I have found as their first option rather that their last hope.


TMJ and then some

I had a extraordinarily difficult case for Dr. Shirley (my Jimmy Buffet Doctor). I apparently had a "greenstick" fracture from getting rear-ended by two vehicles, at the same time. This caused my jaw to close down to about 5mm where as I couldn't even fit the tip of my finger into the space. Slowly but surely Dr. Shirley's perseverance and resourcefulness, through his "hitting the books" again after having not seen such a case of TMJ in all his twenty years, after about three months brought my measurements to 37mm. Such a measurement may not be perfect but believe me after not even being able to hardly "eat" through a straw, I can now eat a sandwich without having to disassemble it. I feel like a human again. It is all due to Dr. Shirley's rethinking and reinventing some of his already established treatments. I am ever so grateful for his care and his determination in helping me to get well. Furthermore, I would like to note that while being treated by Dr. Shirley I also was having to keep appointments with an Oral surgeon whom out of frustration of not having "quicker" results was definitely leaning towards wanting me to go a more surgical route. I was not comfortable with this notion and with the help of Dr. Shirley and his patience we worked through the problem and in the end I did not need to go the surgical more invasive route, which pleased me to no end!!! Thank you so much Dr. Shirley you got me my "life" back, food never tasted so good.

Forever in your debt, - D.Z.

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