Sports Injury

What Exactly Is Sports Chiropractic?

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a competitive athlete, Sports Chiropractic can be an essential component of your training and rehabilitation program. Rather than focus strictly on spinal problems, Sports Chiropractors have advanced training in evaluating and treating muscle and joint problems in the extremities including knees, hips and shoulders. We utilize a mechanical analysis of how well your joints and muscles are working (or not working) in coordination with each other.

By identifying imbalances in muscle strength and dysfunction or restriction in joint movement, we can design a custom treatment program to speed your recovery. As many athletes know, improving body mechanics improves efficiency. This results in improved speed, reduced fatigue and enhanced performance. This approach can also help reduce the likelihood of future injury.

Van Dyken - Sports Injuries

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Whether you injured your back, suffer from headaches or have chronic pain, we are here to help you. Our mission is to speed your recovery and enhance your health with a progressive approach tailored to your individual needs.



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